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    Toll Free: 855-KNOWBE4 (566-9234)

    Request Your Demo of KCM GRC

    The new KCM GRC platform helps you get your audits done in half the time, is easy to use, and is surprisingly affordable. No more: "UGH, is it that time again!"

    See how you can get audits done in half the time at half the cost.

    With KCM GRC you can:

    checkmark Reduce the amount of time and resources required to easily manage the complicated area of compliance, risk, and audit requirements.

    checkmark Automate reminders so you can quickly see what tasks have been completed, not met, and are past due, and your users can stay ahead of any gaps in compliance.

    checkmark Simplify risk management with an intuitive interface and simple workflow based on the well-recognized NIST 800-30.

    checkmark Efficiently manage your third-party vendor risk requirements to prequalify, assess, and remediate to continually monitor vendor risk.

    checkmark Quickly implement compliance and risk assessment processes using KnowBe4's pre-built requirements and assessment templates for the most widely used regulations.


    Request A Demo!

    Request A Demo